Mihisaru Field Research and Training Center

True Professional Development and Training Partner

The WMA-WP established Mihisaru Training and Research Centre in 2022 addressing the long standing absence of a systematic centre in the field of waste management to carry out field research, training and raising awareness among the public. The centre is located in picturesque Karadiyana, Kesbewa in a three storied building with all the modern amenities such as lecture halls, conference rooms, discussion halls, laboratories, libraries, canteens and recreational facilities.

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide opportunities for training, research and awareness programs to interested parties both local and foreign to engage in waste management projects.

The centre offers its services not only to the Western Province but also to other provinces as well as to foreigners. The centre is registered under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) and it conducts diploma certificate courses, seminars, NVQ courses, online training, video conferences, short term courses and on-the-job training programs.

The center has signed MOUs with reputed universities and research institutions to provide up-to-date and qualitative services to its stakeholders


To be a Center of Excellence in waste management field research and training promoting healthy life and cleaner environment.


Provide competent collaborative field research and training in waste management in the Western Province and extend services for other relevant entities.


  1. Promote resource conservation and circulation leading to sustainable resource utilization.
  2. Build opportunities for new innovations and adaptation technologies.
  3. Develop human resources in waste management technologies and systems for high quality standard service delivery.
  4. Promote and enhance green entrepreneurship.
  5. Develop sustainable waste management systems to fulfill present and future needs.
  6. Be a strong change agent to accelerate transitions to responsible societies in resource conservation and utilization.


  1. Identify applied research and training needs to address current and potential future waste management problems.
  2. Design programs to address the need.
  3. Ensure quality assurance and in applied research and training.
  4. Develop standards for best waste management practices.
  5. Guide & train Local Government Authorities to apply best practices with high quality standards.
  6. Build stakeholder confidence in fulfilling their training and skill development needs and offering collaborative research opportunities.
  7. Build an independent platform for leaders to raise their voices promoting learning by knowledge sharing for continuous waste management system improvements.
  8. Build recognition of the general public as a competent institution promoting healthy life and cleaner environment.


  • Responsible and accountable to the institution and the public for service delivery.
  • Honest and committed to highest standards of conduct and professionalism.
  • Open to collaborate and communicate in meeting the vision.
  • Responsive to public opinion in meeting the vision.
  • Committed to financial integration.
  • Responsible care for the people, our resources and environment
  • Recognition and celebration of accomplishments.

OUR Training

We conduct special programs on training and awareness raising programs for people who are involved in waste management at different levels. All these programs are conducted by the “MIHISARU” Waste Management Field Research Training Centre (MWMFRC –center ) at Kesbewa. The center is registered under Tertiary And Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) with the no of P01/0948 and conducting applied and field research programs as well in house and field vocational training by offering various types of courses for multiple target groups at different levels vertically and horizontally in the waste management sector

Explain the history of the Mihisaru Resource management training centers

“MIHISARU Field Research and Training Center (MFRTC) was established in accordance with the Waste Management Statute of the Western Province No. 01 of 2007. The center is located at Karadiyana, Piliyandala. The statute recognizes the need for a center to conduct training and research for improving awareness and technical knowhow among the stakeholders and general public with a view to making waste as a resource and protecting environment from mismanagement.

The MFRTC facilitates applied and field research as well as in-house and vocational training by offering various types of courses for multiple target groups at different levels vertically and horizontally, in the waste management sector

The center includes lecture rooms, a conference hall, research rooms, a library, a Laboratory and a cafeteria.

The Waste Management Authority is envisaging to develop this center as one of the reputed international Centre to share and disseminate knowledge in the field of waste management effectively










Opportunities for Field Research